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06 Jul 2022
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§ 1 Subject of the Regulations

  1. Regulations apply to all persons staying at the Polonia Hotel in Kraków.
  2. The regulations define the rules of service, the responsibilities of guests and the hotel and the rules for staying in the hotel.
  3. The terms and conditions are available at the reception, the hotel room guide and the hotel's website
  4. Confirmation of read the terms and conditions takes place at the time of booking, payment of the advance payment, payment of the entire amount of the stay.


§ 2 Hotel day

  1. The room is rented for the hotel days. The check in starts at 3:00PM , the check out is till 12:00 AM at the day of departure.
  2. It is assumed that the room is rented for 1 day, unless the guest has specified otherwise.
  3. Hotel Guest can use his room without any additional fee from 8 AM till 3 PM on the day of the arrival, if the room is available.
  4. A room cannot be transferred to another person, even if the period for which the fee was paid has not expired.
  5. Requesting an extension of the stay beyond the period indicated on the day of arrival, the hotel guest should report to the reception until 10.00AM on which the term of the room is to be leased.
  6. The hotel will take into account the request to extend your stay as far as possible.
  7. The extension costs 50% of the basic rate and lasts up to 7:00PM.
  8. The room stop after 1:00 PM is automatically treated as an extension of the day of stay.


§ 3 Hotel services

  1. The hotel provides services according to its category and standard.
  2. The hotel provides free services in the field of: providing information       related to stay and travel, wake-up service, storage of valuables in the deposit of the reception, storage of luggage of guests registered at the hotel.
  3. Bedclothes is changed every 3 days or on request
  4. Questions and comments related to your stay at the Hotel can be directed  to the Hotel's Reception (ex.0).


§ 4 Booking and registration at the Hotel

  1. The basis for registering a guest is to present a photo ID and a residence card to the reception. Please note that the hotel informs you that your ID documents are not photocopied or scanned.
  2. If the Guest refuses presentation of the document the receptionist may refuse distributing the key to the room.
  3. The reservation shall be guaranteed upon payment of the advance payment specified in the booking confirmation within the time limit specified in the booking confirmation or the date indicated by the hotel.
  4. In case of cancellation during the hotel day, the hotel will not refund the fee for the day started.
  5. The hotel may refuse to accept a guest if, in advance, it has grossly violated the hotel's regulations.
  6. The hotel may refuse to accept a guest who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, verbal or physical aggression.


§ 5 Hotel liability

  1. The hotel is responsible for the loss or damage of goods brought by persons using its services to the extent specified by the provisions of the art.846-849 of the Civil Code.
  2. Please note that the hotel is solely responsible for the items for storage in the hotel deposit.
  3. The hotel reserves the right to refuse to accept high-value items, substantial amounts of money, security-threatening items and bulky
  4. The hotel is not responsible for any damage or loss of the car or other vehicle belonging to the guest, which are parked in the hotel's unguarded parking places or garages or coused during the entry or exit to the car park The hotel is not responsible for items left in the car parked in the hotel car parking places or garages.


§ 6 Liability of guests

  1. Children under 13 should be located in the hotel under the permanent care of legal guardians. Legal guardians are materially liable for damages resulting from the actions of children.
  2. When staying in the hotel, guest are obligated to keep quiet from 10.00PM to 6.00 AM of the following day.
  3. The behaviour of guests and guests using the hotel services should not interfere with the peace of stay of other guests. In violation of this rule, the hotel may refuse the person concerned to provide further services.
  4. Please inform the hotel reception (ex. 0) immediately of any damages caused at the hotel.
  5. The hotel guest is fully liable for any damage or damage to the hotel's technical devices,equipment caused by his fault or through the fault of the visitors. The hotel has the right to charge the Guest for damages even after departure including charging the Guest’s credit card.
  6. The hotel has right to charge the Guest for unjustified activation of the fire alarm system.or the fire brigade intervention
  7. There is an additional fee for the lost hotel key.


§ 7 Room

  1. Dangerous materials, including weapons, ammunition, flammable materials, explosives or irritants, are not allowed in the room.
  2. For reasons of fire safety, it is forbidden to use equipment in the room that does not fit the room, this does not apply to chargers and power supplies for electronic equipment.
  3. Please agree with the hotel to change the room equipment setting.
  4. Guests are advised not to bring items that are in the hotel's facilities. It is possible to purchase some items of equipment (e.g. towels). The reception informs about the details
  5. Non-check-in visitors are allowed to stay in the hotel room from 7:00AM to 10:00PM.
  6. Please note that after 10:00 PM each not- registered person will be accommodated according to the current price of an extra bed rate available at the reception.
  7. Every time leaving the room, the guest should check if the door is locked.


§ 8 Items left behind

  1. Items left at the hotel will be returned to the address indicated by the guest, after paying the shipping costs in advance.
  2. Where the request has not been made the hotel shall keep such things for three months and then throw them away. Groceries  and underwear will not be stored.


§ 9 Complaints

  1. Guests have the right to make a complaint if they notice a deficiency in the quality of the services provided. The complaint should be made at the reception as soon as the deficiencies are noticing.
  2. Please note that all complaints in writing are accepted by the hotel reception.
  3. The complaint will be dealt with immediately after it has been received by the hotel, in case of disputes, the Code of Civil Law will apply.


§ 10 Additional provisions

  1. Please note that the entire hotel is completely prohibited from smoking. In case of smoking in the room, 500 PLN will be added to the bill of the registered person.
  2. The hotel is also available for pets -  only with prior reservation and for an extra charge.The owner takes full responsibility for any damage caused by their pet
  3. Please note that the hotel is not allowed in the acquisition and sale of the facilities.






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